Welcome! I am Amy McConnell, the founder of Rabbit Hill Candle Company, and I am so glad you're here! I started this venture as a way to celebrate good taste and spread joy to others. Read below to find out more.

The Story.

In early 2020 I unfortunately lost my mom to cancer. During that hard time, I lit a candle at the beginning of each day as a way to lift my spirits. I didn't know it then, but candles, particularly scented ones, have a soothing and uplifting effect on our bodies. So, after months of finding joy in this little light, I decided to share these good vibes with others and the idea of Rabbit Hill was born.

As a way to honor my mom, who loved interior design, I named each candle after a classic pattern she always had somewhere in her home. A toile wallpaper in the bathroom, Oxford striped sheets on the bed, gingham napkins in the dining room, and so on... Of the five senses, scent is the one most closely linked to memory. Each candle and pattern is paired with a scent meant to evoke memories of a happy childhood in a well-curated home.

The Name.

The town where my mom and I lived, and where our candles are made today, is full of beautiful old homes on charming tree-lined streets. My mom once told me that her favorite street was Rabbit Hill. Not only were the stately homes full of old-world character, but my mom also simply loved the name of the road. "It's so charming," she said. Here at Rabbit Hill, we would have to agree. :)

The Good.

At Rabbit Hill Candle Company, we believe in doing our part and giving back. We have partnered with The Cancer Research Institute, as it is an organization close to our hearts. For every candle purchased on our website, we will donate 5% to the institute. CRI is the world's leading nonprofit dedicated to funding cancer immunotherapy research. These treatments harness the body's natural immune system to fight many types of cancer and save more lives. We felt like it was a good way to say thank you to the hardworking doctors and scientists who developed this treatment and gave me extra time with my mom when we needed it most.