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14oz. 80+ hour burn time

Lemon, Verbena, Eucalyptus & Thyme

+ Detailed Fragrance Notes
Top: Lemon, Lavender, Minerals
Middle: Verbena, Eucalyptus
Bottom: Thyme, Orris, Musk

Sweet citrus and fresh herbal notes like eucalyptus and bright springtime blooms combine for a subtly clean and complex aroma. Gingham is our brightest and most fragrant candle in the collection.

This is what we would call a ‘kitchen’ candle. Something to light if you want to liven or freshen the smell of your most popular room. My mom used to make a lemon tea loaf that filled the house with a delicious citrus aroma that wasn’t too tangy or too buttery, but just right. This candle reminds me of those lemon loaf days in that it’s a vibrant lemon-forward scent at first, but settles into more complex and deeper finish.

We decided that gingham was the perfect pattern to reflect a kitchen candle. From tea towels to checkered napkins reminiscent of an outdoor gathering, gingham has always been a mainstay pattern in our kitchen. 


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