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14oz. 80+ hour burn time
6.5oz 40 hour burn time

Bluebells, White Lily, Cucumber & White Tea

+ Detailed Fragrance Notes
Top: Wild Flowers, Cucumber, Lily
Middle: Eucalyptus, Green Tea
Bottom: Bamboo, Birch

A fresh spring breeze carrying with it a hint of wildflowers is the best way to describe this delightfully crisp fragrance. Chintz is the freshest candle in the collection.

Flowers for spring, not exactly an original concept, I know. But, hear me out, because this floral scent is *chefs kiss.*

I am not a fan of spring, like at all. The mushy ground, cold rain, and generally blah weather isn't exactly how I want my warm-weather season to begin. Every year as spring slowly rolls in, I grumble about each one of these unglamorous season-changing moments. Ughhhh. Can't it just be summer already?! 

But then it happens. Just like that - a cloudy, chilly day opens up to reveal a beautiful, sunny (and warm!!) afternoon behind it. Immediately everything changes. I throw open all of the windows, I take a long overdue walk in the sun, I call a friend to meet for a coffee outside. I notice the birds chirping (have they been here all along?), I run into people that I haven't seen all winter, I start to see buds on trees and everything just feels a little lighter.

This candle is THAT moment. That moment when spring goes from drag and drab to one full of sunshine, hope, and wildflowers.

We chose to pair this spring floral candle with a chintz pattern because, well, flowers (duh)! But also because 'old school' florals are having a BIG moment in the world of design right now. Chintz, originally from India, but loved deeply in Europe (especially the UK), has been dubbed 'trend-resistant and traditional.' Although the 90s and early 2000s saw the popularity of brightly colored, whimsical floral patterns decline, they have recently come back into favor with an updated look and fresh new colorways. And to that we say 'yay' because bright colors and fun patterns are definitely our jam.

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