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14oz. 80+ hour burn time

(Cinnamon, Mulling Spices, Gingerbread, Fir Tree)

+ Detailed Fragrance Notes
Top: Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Ginger
Middle: Vanilla Bean, Fir Tree, Mulling Spices
Bottom: Bourbon, Nutmeg, Mahogany 

Cinnamon is combined with warm gingerbread, nutmeg, and mulling spices to create a bright and festive candle - it’s only missing the twinkle lights! Nordic is our festive holiday gathering candle.

Growing up I spent almost all of my holiday season in my childhood kitchen. Whether I was making a million Christmas cookies with my mom, mixing homemade hot chocolate on Christmas morning, or serving friends, family, and neighbors a giant holiday meal - I was almost always standing over a stove or pulling something out of the oven. When it came time to make a holiday candle I couldn’t help but be transported back to that joy-filled, noisy, overly crowded kitchen. This candle brings all of the aromas of the holidays together in a perfectly nostalgic and cheerful fragrance.

In Norwegian knitting, a selburose is a knitted rose pattern in the shape of a regular octagram. It is traditionally used for winter clothing such as mittens and sweaters. Of ancient origin, the pattern is associated with the town of Selbu in Norway, and has become an international symbol of Norway, or Scandinavia in general, as well as Christmas and winter. We felt that the classic Nordic pattern signified a cozy warmth like aroma of a festive holiday kitchen.

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